Automobile Restoration Services

At Midwest Customs & Chrome Inc. we are committed to providing the highest quality restoration of your high performance automobile. Almost all of the work is done in house including body and paint work, motor and transmission rebuild, disassembly and assembly. We document every step of the restoration process with digital pictures and detailed notes, and provide our customers with a restoration summary at the completion of each project. See our list of completed car restoration projects under Finished Projects.

We outsource only certain areas of the car restoration process, including: chrome plating; all other types of plating (zinc, phosphate, cadmium, zinc, etc.); carburetor restoration; electric motor restoration; machine work on engine components; steering wheel restoration; instrument cluster restoration; and large body and parts stripping, We only outsource to the best craftsmen in the business.

If it has been a dream to restore your high performance automobile, then consider us for your restoration project. A typical restoration will take 500 – 1400 man hours and cost roughly $20,000.00 – $90,000.00 depending on the level you pick. We offer two levels of restorations:

Concours Level Restorations

Do it right the first time. No stone is left unturned at this level and we spend as much time and resources as necessary to make certain all parts of the car function and appear perfect. At this level we utilize our most select services, products, and craftsmen to assure that the most thoroughly restored and protected vehicle possible is achieved.

Here is a general overview of the steps involved with a Midwest Customs & Chrome Concours Level Restoration:

Phase 1
•Complete disassembly and parts evaluation
•Media Blast or Chemical Strip
•Parts procurement begins
•Parts and subassembly restoration begins
•Vehicle inspection and evaluation upon return
•Metal repair and panel replacement
•Body fitment phase

Phase 2
•Priming Phase
•Underside Detailing
•Paint Phase
•Wet Sand/Polish Phase

Phase 3
•Assembly Phase
•Safety Inspection
•Dyno Tuning
•Road Testing
•Final detail and quality inspection

A quality check is constantly being performed and done in depth after each restoration phase.

Driver Level Restorations

If you plan on driving your vehicle some what guilt-free, you may not want it to be perfect in all respects. Vehicles restored at this level stand out in shows as high quality vehicles but resources spent on certain areas would be minimized depending on your specific goals and expectations.

Other Services

•Authorized Keisler Engineering installation
◦Body Repair
◦Brake Repairs and Conversions
◦Cooling Systems
◦Complete and Partial Kit Car Assembly
◦Custom Metal Fabrication
◦Electrical Repair
◦Engine & Transmission Tuning
◦Engine Rebuilds & Repairs
◦Frame Repair
◦Fuel Systems
◦Interior work (basic to complete)
•Late Model Modifications
◦Part Procurement
◦Research & Authentication
◦Rust and Metal Repair
◦Show Quality Paint Finishes
◦Specialty Vehicle Construction:

  • •Hot Rods
  • •Street Rods
  • •Pro-touring Vehicles
  • •Race Cars

◦Transmission Repair

Please read Our Classic Car Restoration Policies for details on charges and billing for car restoration.


It is impossible to estimate the exact cost of a restoration at the beginning of a job. A general figure, a high and low, can be given based on previous jobs that were similar. If a written estimate is required expect them to be high enough to cover any possibilities. Restorations are performed as economical as possible without compromising the finished quality.

To get started, we will need a deposit to begin the restoration process.
Billing is done on a monthly basis for all parts, labor and services rendered.
An invoice listing all fees and costs incurred for services rendered will be mailed on the 1st of each month. Photographs will be enclosed to reflect progress and problem areas of the car and its components.
Invoices should be paid by the last day of the month.
Invoices not paid by the billing date, (30 days after billing) will result in a work stoppage until paid.
Invoices may be paid in US funds by personal check, certified funds, wire transfers, PayPal or cash.
Indiana state sales tax of 7% must be collected for all parts that are invoiced during the restoration unless the customer is the valid holder of a state resale license. A copy of the current license must be furnished at the beginning of the job for sales tax to be waived.

Each customer provides their own insurance to cover the market value of the car. Proof of that needs to be supplied at the time a car is delivered.